When creating each product for The Beauty of Eczema™ I have worked with experts to
ensure they are as planet friendly as possible. As a brand we work with a variety of suppliers
and we only choose to work with those suppliers who share our values.

All our skincare packaging is recyclable. Our tubes, bottles, jars and lids are made from a
plastic which is widely recyclable and can be popped in your household recycling bin. Our
cartons are supplied from a mill with it’s own forest and they replant trees to replace what
they harvest. The mill has a platinum award from Ecovardis https://ecovadis.com for
sustainability and runs on green energy. It’s powered with more than 90% biomass energy
and supplies surplus green energy back to the UK National Grid. We are very aware of the
growing concern around skincare packaging and continue to look to improve all components
as advancements are made in the area and new improved alternatives become available.

Our warehouse uses sustainable packaging with recycled cardboard boxes, paper shipping
tape and recyclable packing paper. The warehouse uses low power LED lighting and the
handheld scanner system means they operate a paperless admin system saving 540,000
sheets of paper each year.

As a team we use the cloud for storage, file sharing and print documents only when
essential. We’ve used Zoom since the brand launch to save meeting travel time which also
reduces our CO2 emissions and have embraced remote team working from the start.

We are mindful of how we work as a brand and we are committed to do everything we can
to make a positive impact on people and the planet.