The Brand Mission

The Beauty of Eczema™ is on a mission to share hope, positivity and provide beautiful, high quality natural products to benefit the lives of sensitive skin angels. The Beauty of Eczema™ promotes mental health awareness and skin positivity to those with very dry and sensitive skin worldwide via the HOPE Principles, a holistic framework for glowing skin. We are a community of sensitive skin angels. Please find us online, reach out, connect and take part in #sensitiveskinangel #thebeautyofeczema

The Brand Ethos

The Beauty of Eczema™ is a full range of products for very dry and sensitive skin that was born through Camille's personal struggles. Camille proudly created a range of beautiful, natural, vegan, cruelty-free, botanically scented skincare suitable for sensitive skin angels. Camille particularly loves that they contain over 97.8% naturally derived ingredients from oat lipids to sweet almond oil and the beautiful 'imperfectly perfect' packaging design. #thebeautyofeczema

The Founder

Camille Knowles, a best-selling Author, and natural skincare entrepreneur, began an incredible journey of launching The Beauty of Eczema™ in 2018 after struggling with dry and sensitive skin. In 2013 Camille was in the hospital due to eczema and struggled to find beautiful products for her eczema-prone and sensitive skin. Now in 2021, Camille is glowing! This is thanks to Camille's HOPE Principles, which she wrote about in her best-selling book The Beauty of Eczema™, the incredible beauty products she has created, and opening up to love and support. As an influencer and sensitive skin angel herself, Camille knew it was difficult to find pampering products that looked beautiful, smelt gorgeous and moisturized the skin, that wouldn’t cause a flare up. The launch of her skincare range in December 2019 means those with sensitive skin around the world can now confidently pamper from head to toe and enjoy luxurious, botanically scented beauty products.