Moisturizing Cream 200ml $33.99 CAD

Give your skin a daily dose of gratitude with this super luxurious and skin-friendly calming Moisturizing Cream.

Packed with natural ingredients, carefully formulated to protect the skin’s protective barrier and boost hydration.

This moisturizing cream is 97.9% derived from natural ingredients to protect the skin’s natural barrier.

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Skin Wash 200ml $25.99 CAD

Energise your body with this creamy, highly moisturizing Skin Wash, created with gentle cleansing ingredients.

With Soothing Sweet Almond and Oat Kernel Oils for moisturization and Rhamnosoft indulge your skin daily to protect and heal your skin’s natural moisture barrier for visible results.

It’s also amazing to use as a handwash! Formulated with 98.3% naturally derived, skin-friendly ingredients.

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Bathing Oil 200ml $37.99 CAD

Elevate your bathing ritual with our deeply nourishing Bathing Oil. Packed with 99.9% naturally derived* skin-friendly ingredients to soothe and protect dry skin. With Castor Oil to help keep skin moisturized, protein-rich Oat Kernel Oil and Omega 3 & 6; balanced essential fatty acids to help keep skin’s moisture barrier appear well balanced and healthy looking. Pour into a running bath and watch as the gel turns into a beautiful milk or apply directly to the skin before rinsing for an indulgent moisturizing experience.

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Bath Salts 400g $25.99 CAD

Bath Salts for very dry & sensitive skin.

With 99.9% naturally derived ingredients.
Apply a generous handful to a warm bath and relax from the stresses of the day.

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